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Clifton Community Center Citizen Advisory Committee

Deadline for application: Ongoing until filled

Terms: First year appointments are to be staggered with three (3) appointments for one-year  terms, and four (4) appointments for two-year terms. After the first-year appointments, all appointments will be for two-year terms.

Recognizing the vital importance of resident input for the operation of the Clifton Community Center, the Mesa County Board of Commissioners has established a Citizen Advisory Committee consisting of seven (7) volunteers and is seeking applications for volunteers for the Committee.

Citizen Advisory Committee members will help organize community activities of a recreational, educational, or charitable nature, to be held at the new Clifton Community Center, which is slated to open in April of 2024.

Eligible volunteers must live within Clifton, which, for purposes of this Committee, shall be within the boundaries of Clifton Sanitation District.  See map at

To ensure staggered terms for all committee members, in the first year three (3) individuals will be appointed to serve a one-year term, and four (4) individuals will be appointed to serve two-year terms. After the first-year appointments, all appointments will be for two-year terms.


Colorado State University (CSU) Extension Tri River Area Advisory Board

Deadline for application: Ongoing until filled

Term: Three years


The Colorado Cooperative Extension Act authorizes Boards of County Commissioners to establish county advisory  committees to assist local Extension personnel in planning, developing long-range objectives, establishing priorities, and evaluating programs and performance. Representatives of 4-H and Youth, Agriculture / Natural Resources, Consumer and Family Education, Horticulture, General Community are needed.

For more information, please visit: Tri River Area Extension from the Colorado State University (CSU) website.

Executive Fair Board

Deadline for application: Ongoing until filled

Term: One year. This position is a non-voting position.

Pursuant to the establishment of the Board by the Mesa County Board of Commissioners.

The Committee Members assist with the operations and management of specialized divisions of the Mesa County Fair, such as event planning, promotional marketing, finance management, 4-H activities, Open Class competition, the livestock sale, and family entertainment. The Board meets on a monthly basis and more often when nearing time for the Fair. A business background with experience in finance, event planning, and event promotion preferred. For more information please visit: or contact: Kyle Carstens at

Floodplain Board of Appeals

Deadline for application: ongoing until filled

Term: Three years

Pursuant to Mesa County Land Development Code

Members must be qualified by experience and training pertaining to regulation, and will preferably be hydrologists, hydrogeologists, civil engineers, and hydrological engineers.

The Floodplain Board of Appeals hears and decides appeals and requests for variances and appeals to decisions by the floodplain administrator regarding interpretation of floodplain boundaries, issuance or non-issuance of a floodplain development permit, conditions attached thereto, or any other provision of the floodplain regulation.

For more information please visit:… or email Carrie Gudorf, Engineering Director, at

Noxious Weed Advisory Board 

Deadline for application: Ongoing until filled 

Term: Three years

Pursuant to Mesa County resolution MCM 97-191 and amendment MCM 2010-091, the Mesa County Weed Advisory Board will make recommendations to the Mesa County Board of County Commissioners regarding a recommended management plan for designated noxious weeds, declare noxious weeds and any state designated noxious weeds to be subject to management, and undertake other tasks as requested. The Board shall consist of (7) seven members with five (5) voting members and two (2) of the members acting as alternates, all members serving three-year terms. Mandated by the Colorado Noxious Weed Act, Title 35 Article 5.5, "The members of each local advisory board shall be residents of the unincorporated portion of the County" and “at least a majority shall be landowners of at least forty (40) acres. For more information, please visit:…

Planning Commission

Deadline for application (Alternate #3): Ongoing until filled

Term: Ends 12/31/2026

Pursuant to C.R.S. 30-28-103. Must be a resident of Mesa County.  The function of the Mesa County Planning Commission is to make, adopt, amend, or extend a master plan and zoning plan; to review general land use matters and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.

For more information please visit or email Sean Norris at

Upper Grand Valley Pest Control District

Deadline for application: Ongoing until filled

Term: Fulfilling a vacancy with a term ending 2029. Petition renewals are for ten years.

Pursuant to C.R.S. 35-5-105. Title 35. MCM 99-33 establishes a Pest Control District Advisory Committee, t 

  • The purpose of the District is to protect commercial growers from insect, disease, and weed infestations as per C.R.S. Title 35, Article 4, the “Pest Control Act”.
  • Enforcement is accomplished through the Mesa County Horticulture Pest & Weed Representative.
  • The Representative enforces the law, responds to complaints, makes sure that neglected or unmanaged fruit trees are cared for or removed, inspects nursery stock, educates the public, and identifies and manages weed infestations.
  • An Advisory Board made up of area growers assists the Inspector and directs the operation of the District.

For more information, please visit:…

Would you like to volunteer for a Board or Commission?

Mesa County provides residents with various opportunities to get involved.

Positively impact our community through volunteer work on commissioner-appointed panels, boards, and commissions.

These opportunities offer diverse experiences for individuals to contribute their skills and talents to benefit the community.

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