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Postpone paying your property taxes in exchange for a lien being recorded on your property.  The lien stays in place until the tax deferral and total amount due is satisfied.

Senior and Veteran:

The Property Tax Deferral Program is a program offered by the State of Colorado. It allows you to postpone your tax payments until you sell your property or your estate is settled after your death. The approval of your deferral will result in a lien being recorded on your property to “document” the tax deferral and amount due.


  • Those who qualify must file an application with their respective county treasurer between January 1st and no later than the close of business on March 30th of each year.  

  • Once approved, the county treasurer will issue a certificate of deferral to the property owner, keeping one copy on record and sending one copy to the state Treasurer's office. (Note: If property taxes are included in your mortgage payment, you should present a copy of your deferral certificate to the mortgage lender for a refund of the property tax monies held in escrow)

  • By April 30, the state Treasurer's office will pay the deferred amount to the county treasurer, where the property is located.

  • The State Treasurer's office maintains an account for each tax-deferred property that accrues interest credited to the state's General Fund. Call the Treasurer's office for the current interest rate.

  • When the deferred amount is paid to the county treasurer upon sale or transfer of the property, that amount is then transmitted to the State Treasurer's office.

The State Treasurer’s office makes tax payments directly to the county on your behalf for the tax amount due. You can defer either the full amount or half amount of your taxes. The loan and accrued interest is logged as a lien against your property. The current rate through 04/30/2022 is .01081 (1.081%).  The interest rate for deferred property tax from 05/01/2022 to 04/30/2023 is 1.375% (.01375).

Senior Property Tax Deferral Application

Military Property Tax Deferral Application

The General Public may apply for deferral through the state.

If your property tax has increased at least 4% over the average of the past two years you may qualify.

The Property Tax Deferral Program:

Colorado Property Tax Deferral Program
PO Box 452
Franktown, CO 80116-8913

Customer Care 833-634-2513