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Sale information

Mesa County 2024 online Tax Lien Sale is scheduled for  October 31, 2024.

If the property owner fails to pay the delinquent taxes during a specified period of time, the county can sell what is called a tax certificate to investors to collect the delinquent taxes.

Tax Lien Sales are held pursuant to Colorado Law each fall.  The overdue taxes are sold to investors.

When the sale funds are collected it assists to make the county and all jurisdictions within it whole for the year so they can use their estimated budget projections to provide service to our community.

In order to participate registration and deposits are required prior to sale.  Visit Real Auction and read Start Here.

General Information to Bidders

Please familiarize yourself with the internet auction procedures and Mesa County’s Bidding Rules that will be adhered to at the sale.

All bidders will be required to complete a registration process online, as well as a deposit process in order to participate in the sale. If you previously registered online to participate in Mesa County's online tax sale, you do not have to register again just to make sure all your registration information is up-to-date.

Unlike an “in-person” auction, an “online” Tax Lien Sale offers investors the opportunity to access relevant property information and enter their bids directly on one website.

We appreciate your interest in Mesa County’s Tax Lien Sale. We encourage you to contact at 1-877-361-7325, or our office at 970-244-1824 with any questions.

Training Coordinator:  Whit Thompson, Phone: (954) 734-6270
Webinar Training:

Online Auction Software Solutions -

Schedule of Events

September 30, 2024 - Real Auction site is open for registration and deposits

September 30, 2024 - Research on properties going to sale will begin, deposits and bids allowed

October 4-25, 2024 - Training available (see schedule above)

October 21, 2024 no later than 2:00 p.m. - Deposits are required to be made by this date (10% of what you believe you will spend)

October 31, 2024 - Sale Day

November 1, 2024 no later than 2:00 p.m. - Payment of all winnings are due

What you should know if you are a tax lien investor

When you purchase a tax lien sale certificate on property, you become a lien holder on the property.

You purchase the tax lien, NOT the property! In Mesa County, eventual transfer of deed has occurred in less than one percent of all purchases.

Investing in tax liens through purchases at a tax lien sale is just that - an investment. The purchase can be thought of in terms of a potentially long-range C.D. Redemption of the certificate is always at a guaranteed rate of return, and can occur up until the time a Treasurer's Deed is issued.

Each year the Colorado Banking Commission determines the rate of return. The annual percentage rate is set at nine points above the federal discount rate as of September 1 of that year.

All Tax Sales in Colorado are conducted per CRS 39-11-101 thru 39-12-113

Endorsing your Certificate

After August 1 of each year, all holders of Tax Lien Certificates have the first option to purchase any subsequent years' taxes which remain unpaid. These tax liens may be endorsed on the original certificate at the same guaranteed rate of return.

Certificate holders who do not endorse/pay the current tax on certificates held, will cause the Treasurer to offer the lien to another bidder for purchase. This may complicate the process for you to obtain a deed because junior lien holders may be involved.